Exclusive: rare beach-front property in Savaneta

Today Realty Aruba is offering a  true jewel of a property in Aruba. This is not hyperbole, this is a rare beach-front property exclusive, which is truly unique in the context of its location and availability.


Aruba is services oriented island with almost 80% of its economy revolves around tourism related activities. This entails that accommodation providers ideally wants to be at the beach or at least a walking distance away.

Take into consideration that Aruba is nearly 19.6 miles long (31,5 kilometers) and 6 miles wide (9,7 kilometers), with 50% of the island unusable for hotel accommodation or housing development due to its rugged coastline on the northeastern side of the island. Additionally, the linear availability of proper beach area for accommodation development is all but non-existent.


This house, we dubbed, Savaneta Capital House (SCH) is located in the south central district of Savaneta. This urbanization is the original capital of Aruba, hence the word “capital” and coincidentally my hometown.

Only a couple minute drive from the airport lies Savaneta. This quaint neighborhood is characterized by its bygone fisher town-era activities.

In the present, this urbanization a quiet village, mostly used as a “suburb” for Oranjestad or San Nicolas. There are some sporadic hostels, small boutique hotels and apartments for tourists seeking the “true” island experience. The tranquil waters and coral reefs in Savaneta make kayaking, paddleboarding, and snorkeling especially popular.

Gastronomically you will be pleasantly surprised as there are some old school fish restaurants, fancy restaurants, take-out joints and a newly opened hipster coffee and breakfast shop. Furthermore, there are supermarkets, pharmacy, hardware store, church and a gasoline station.

SCH Specs

SCH is built on long lease land of 7,223 square feet (671 square meters), located on the beach(!) of Savaneta. An extension of 3,132 square feet (291 square meters) of long lease land has been approved and is currently awaiting paperwork. The new lot size will become total 10,355 square feet (962 square meters).

The house is built out of cinder block and has the classic hip roof and has been recently renovated. It features a brand new deck and private pier that offers the most stunning views you will ever see in the Caribbean. The open floorplan concept of the house allows for a complete view of the crystal clear water all the way from the kitchen, dining area, and living room. The yard is an exciting mix of old-fashioned pavers, white sand and a deck with pier.

SHC is 915 square feet (85 square meters) and the asking price is $950,000.

Below is a photographic tour of the house. Contact form after gallery.

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What real estate is hot in Aruba’s beach area in early 2017

This year 2017 promises to become an interesting year for real estate in general in Aruba. There are a few things that are happening that might interest you in terms of your investment decisions in Aruba.

The most notable announcement made by officials in 2016 was the modification in legislation set for Q1 2017 which will allow current vacation rental houses to be legalized and to be used as such. This will be possible in the area from The Ritz-Carlton Hotel to Arashi Beach.

Notable at the beginning of 2017 was the news that the operator of the currently in construction airport hotel project is going to be operated by Hyatt Place.

The other notable news was the acquisition by Marriott of the operation of The Mill Resort. The owners of the building agreed to have Marriott Courtyard convert the resort into a Marriott-level resort. The resort is scheduled to shutdown in Q2 2017 and reopens in the winter of 2017.

For the small and/or private investor, this opens up new opportunities. The data as the tourism office released for 2016 suggests an increase in the share of visitors staying in vacation rental properties, or as it’s called abstractly by officials “other accommodations”. Apart from this, some people prefer to stay elsewhere from the typical big-name brands and try something more local.

This brings us to today’s suggestions that might fit into the trend of the vacation rental/Airbnb or small boutique hotel.

Tierra del Sol [Exclusive]

Located in Aruba premiere zone of Tierra del Sol Golf Community and Spa, this house has 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, pool and is completely furnished, is on the market.

The surroundings are stunning, with a golf course view on the southern part and the community bordering a nature reserve on the northern side.

The house, which has been recently refurbished, features a typical tropical architecture, high ceilings and has a classic Caribbean tiled roof. The pool offers nice nature views and privacy.

Further data on this property, it measures a generous 1991 square feet (182 square meters) and the land is 6437 square feet (598 square meters). The asking price is $795,000.

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Following a photographic tour of the Tierra del Sol house:



Ocean Z

Ocean Z is considered by many to be the truly first boutique hotel in Aruba. Although other hotels call themselves boutique hotel, Ocean Z has elevated this to the next level.

The building features a lot of open spaces, high ceiling and plenty of glass. This allows for lots of natural light to get in. The bathrooms also feature this concept. A fact is that the finish across the hotel is high-end with an equally high-level and personalized service to boot.

The hotel has two buildings. The oceanfront building features two suites with their own private swimming pool. The suites allow you to witness front and center the spectacular view of the Caribbean sea and sunset in its full glory.

The building in the back is separated features seven double rooms, that stand out the design simplicity and elegance. The two buildings are separated by a pool.

Furthermore, Ocean Z features a solarium, a small beach shop and a small restaurant with an international menu.

Ocean Z has a total of 13 rooms and is build on 15,285 square feet (1420 square meter) land. Ocean Z has been open since 2016 and is available for purchase. Asking price is $9.5 million.

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Las Islas [Exclusive]

Las Islas [translation: The Islands] is a 14-unit condo project located footsteps away from world-famous Palm Beach. This development is a small oasis of peacefulness in the hustle and bustle of Palm Beach. Located near the hotels and shopping malls a unit at Las Islas certainly will be attractive in the vacation rental market.

The project has only 2 floors, and a unit is approximately 1615 square feet (150 square meters), has a swimming pool, barbecue, and one parking spot. Additionally, there is a general parking area for visitors.

There are a few units available and with the asking price start at $450.000.

Following a photographic tour of a unit with staging. Not all units feature staging:

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Aruba nature house for sale and ready for transformation

aruba eco nature house

Aruba has enormous comparative tourism advantages, has an amazing natural, cultural and architectural assets, and add its privileged geographical location and weather, make this island such a compelling choice for visitors.

Modern visitors or tourists expect an island experience with a purpose, which means the exchange in culture predominantly and taking in nature in the broadest sense of the word. Above all, this also means to select the place and condition where you would like to spend your time and money.

Having said that, Aruba is gearing towards offering of new and unique experiences by the rise in of new construction of boutique and small hotels. This phenomenon is quietly taking shape as most investments into these type of ventures are from the small and private investor, by far foreign.

Today, Realty Aruba offers a true investment opportunity. The Coba Lodo House* is located in the middle of the island, specifically on the outer edges of the area of Santa Cruz, near Aruba’s Arikok National Park. Still, it’s only a 10-minute drive from the airport.

Coba Lodo House is 1905 square foot (177 square meters) and has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and features quality finish materials. The most interesting part is the fact that is built on private property land of a whopping 48,190 square foot (4477 square meters) which gives you much more flexibility going forward.

When a property such as the one featured in this article, with the same characteristics, we suggest the conversion into an Aruba small hotel. In reality, the possibilities are endless. We feel that the possibilities for this house are endless, but our suggestion is to develop this into Aruba Eco Nature Resort is to use the current house as the kitchen, lobby, and suites for guests. The land is large enough to build standalone bungalows for the enjoyment and privacy of the patrons.

The price is $525,000. This price excludes the transfer tax of approximately 7%.

The square footage price is $276 per square foot ($2950 per square meters) which is competitive comparatively, especially with such a piece of land.

Concluding, this property has a lot of potential due to the shape of the house, type, and size of land. If you are interested or require additional information please use the form all the way at the bottom of this post.

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*All our property offers have colloquial or unusual names in order to make a distinction between the houses and for internal use. This particular house has is located in the urbanization of Coba Lodo, which in our native language literally translates to “Excavate Mud”. There isn’t much mud in Aruba as it doesn’t rain that often.

Lastly, we invite you to take a  visual tour of the property below: