Aruba nature house for sale and ready for transformation

aruba eco nature house

Aruba has enormous comparative tourism advantages, has an amazing natural, cultural and architectural assets, and add its privileged geographical location and weather, make this island such a compelling choice for visitors.

Modern visitors or tourists expect an island experience with a purpose, which means the exchange in culture predominantly and taking in nature in the broadest sense of the word. Above all, this also means to select the place and condition where you would like to spend your time and money.

Having said that, Aruba is gearing towards offering of new and unique experiences by the rise in of new construction of boutique and small hotels. This phenomenon is quietly taking shape as most investments into these type of ventures are from the small and private investor, by far foreign.

Today, Realty Aruba offers a true investment opportunity. The Coba Lodo House (CLH) is located in the middle of the island, specifically on the outer edges of the area of Santa Cruz, near Aruba’s Arikok National Park. Still, it’s only a 10-minute drive from the airport.

CLH is 1905 square foot (177 square meters) and has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and features quality finish materials. The most interesting part is the fact that is built on private property land of a whopping 48,190 square foot (4477 square meters) which gives you much more flexibility going forward.

When a property such as the one featured in this article, with the same characteristics, we suggest the conversion into an Aruba small hotel. In reality, the possibilities are endless. We feel that the possibilities for this house are endless, but our suggestion is to develop this into Aruba Eco Nature Resort is to use the current house as the kitchen, lobby, and suites for guests. The land is large enough to build standalone bungalows for the enjoyment and privacy of the patrons.

The price is $525,000. This price excludes the transfer tax of approximately 7%.

The square footage price is $276 per square foot ($2950 per square meters) which is competitive comparatively, especially with such a piece of land.

Concluding, this property has a lot of potential due to the shape of the house, type, and size of land. If you are interested or require additional information please use the form all the way at the bottom of this post.

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Duplex Condo at Eagle Beach Aruba For Sale


Imagine having the option to sit by the pool in a 20 mile per hour (32 kilometers per hour) trade winds to cool you down after a long of day of 82 degrees Fahrenheit (28 degrees Celsius) outside. Whether you are returning from work or from swim or stroll along the beach, this option is viable with the property as we are describing in this article.

What is Aruba Breeze

Aruba Breeze Condominium is an exclusive complex of 25 duplex condo units, located only about two blocks away near one of the best beaches in the world – according to TripAdvisor – namely Eagle Beach Aruba.

This condo building is popular with investors who make revenue through vacation rental on Airbnb or another reputable vacation rental service.


The condo complex offers hotel-like amenities such as a gym, pools, barbecue area, common yard with the obligatory tropical vegetation such as palm trees.

The building is surrounded by other condominium complexes or vacation rental units. At about 200 meters there is Screaming Eagle Restaurant. Further ahead there is Alhambra shopping center which features restaurants, fast food shops, coffee shops, retail stores, cash machines (ATM) and a casino. Nearby there is a 400-bed hospital that currently – at the time of writing – is being renovated and expanded. Lastly, there is a 9-hole golf course in the vicinity.


These apartment units have to floors, with bedrooms on the top floor and in the bottom floor kitchen, dining area, and living room. The condo has tall big windows and doors which allow for plenty of natural light to penetrate inside. There also a patio outside with a table and chairs.

This Duplex Condo Aruba Breeze (DCAB) unit has 2 bedrooms, and 2.5 baths and the condo has a total size of a generous 1400 square foot (130 square meters).

Other internal features include:

  • King size beds
  • Airconditioning throughout
  • 27-inch flat screen TV and cable TV
  • Stoof, fridge, microwave, kitchen exhaust and washer/dryer
  • Kitchen utensils

The finish of this apartment is of quality. It features main French doors from floor to ceiling, and all frames of the doors and windows are wooden. The railing on the balcony upstairs is of metal and glass.

The asking price is US$ 325,000.

The price includes all furniture and appliances. The monthly HOA fee is at $300 (at the time of writing), which includes cable TV, the internet, and the yearly property tax. It does not include power and water bill.

Lastly, this condo complex is designed and developed at a small scale. The area is increasingly becoming the go-to area for condo living in Aruba. Eagle Beach area is popular with our visitors and with proper promotion the unit shows vacation rental possibilities.

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What is Coral Shell Aruba? Unique City Luxury Condos Downtown

At the time of writing the market of Aruba can arguably be categorized as a buyers market. At least for the entry segment of the market. Naturally, this isn’t the case for most segments, especially in the higher tier segment, where offers are rather scarce.

The inventory of the high-end, luxury beach-front condos in Aruba’s capital, Oranjestad, is slowly increasing, however.


Currently a new apartment building is rising and is built somewhat similarly to nearby Coral Pyramid, which is a high-end project that was delivered about a decade ago.

This small-scale Caribbean beach-front, the project in Oranjestad, has an architecture design that can be characterized as avant-garde.

The developer has worked together with the government to allow them to renovate a public park adjacent to the construction, and make this much livable, nicer and accessible to the public. The beatification includes a complete renovation of the park premises, with new walkways, fountain, historic pieces and a miniature amphitheater.


There is an option to purchase Coral Shell Aruba (CSA) luxury apartment at pre-construction prices, but this is limited.  At the time of writing this project is about midway through and the asking price is US$558 per square feet ($6000 per square meters).

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Can Non-Residents Flip Houses in Aruba? Look at this house

In short: Yes! How? Let’s elaborate.


You are in the market to purchase a property in Aruba, ideally, a house. To get the most value out of your investment you should eye a fixer upper, this way allowing some leeway with material prices options and ultimately the selling price, thus choosing to control the economics of the property either vertically or horizontally.

Continuing we will highlight some key points that you should take into consideration, including negative issues, as a foreign Aruba real estate investor. By no means, this is intended to be a definitive list but rather some pointers and highlights what you might come across during venture with your Aruban flip.


The purchase of a property for a foreigner is actually relatively simple. Non-residents, or foreigners, are allowed to purchase, hold, sell a property without restrictions. Taxes and services (if applicable) can be all paid through online banking.

There aren’t any restrictions for hiring contractors to renovate the recently purchased house, and putting it back onto the market.

Difficulties and Solutions

Flipping a property in Aruba will draw similar issues as anywhere else, namely: location of property, contractor’s good standing, and renovation budget (choice in the quality of materials).

The drawbacks when undertaking this venture from a distance will bring additional challenges and difficulties to the mix, but none are insurmountable.

In order to mitigate issues relating to your absence, there are several good practice measures that can be taken into consideration to reach the objectives.

Construction phase

Firstly you need to schedule a travel for the important parts of the construction namely:

  1. base construction
  2. joining of the walls and roof, so-called “horizontal beams”
  3. roof construction
  4. details/final touches

Building materials

The single biggest expense in the renovation budget in Aruba are material cost. This island ships virtually everything in, this means a critical view on quality/price is extremely important, this cannot be done by the contractor, this must be done by the investor.

Some import fixtures, appliances, and furniture in order to mitigate some cost, but this can be time-consuming and isn’t very cost effective after taking into consideration import duties, transportation, storage, and insurance. Aruba has several local big box store, top quality caliber hardware stores that sell lumber, fixtures, hand and power tools, fasteners etc.


After having secured the financing for the renovation, perhaps the single biggest important factor to determined the successful completion of the renovation is the choice of contractor.

Contractors in Aruba are perhaps the same as contractors elsewhere, in the sense that you will have to do your due diligence to vet the company or person you are about to hire. How to go about this? The old-fashioned way, by asking around, or asking on online, on Facebook perhaps. The fact is that there aren’t many resources online or otherwise to access to get relevant information.

There are three types of contractors on this island:

  • The legacy contractor
  • The medium sized contractor
  • The independent contractor

Legacy Contractor

The legacy contractor is mostly hired by big companies or the island government for major infrastructural work, although they some do residential work as well. There are perhaps two such contractors in Aruba at the time of this article and are for the most part reputable.

Medium Sized Contractor

The medium sized contractor has been coming up since the late 1990s and early 2000s that have grown to be the go-to contractor for most medium sized projects. There a handful of such contractors in Aruba and are for the most part are reputable.

Independent Contractor

The independent contractor is actually the most common and the most hired one of the bunch. These contractors are actually the least expensive, but also the most complicated one of the three. The reputation of this type of contractor ranges from the highest category to con-artistry.

This is the type of contractor you need hire to remodel your house for your flip, as this is the most cost effective one of all.

How to “contract”

The legacy and medium sized contractor are typically well funded and have proven procedures and contracts, including during disputes. However, the independent contractor typically has neither, which means that you should be sure to have a contract that protects your interests.

Arguably the best way to do this is to control the disbursement of funds during the construction. The alternative is taking disputes to court after the fact, which will result in a waste of time. Should you win the dispute, it’s highly unlikely you will be able to collect.

Conclusion and Offer

The narration in this article is “introductory information about flipping”. There’s much more info about this topic share, but it would be beyond the scope this article is intended.

Today’s offer is a fixer upper, mostly a cosmetic one and doesn’t require nearly as much work as described above. Depending on your intentions, the only major work this property requires is the construction of a small pool.

Bakval Fixer-Upper

Today we are pleased to present: Bakval Fixer-Upper (BFU). This house is located in Bakval, which is only a couple of blocks away from ritzy The Ritz-Carlton Aruba and Aruba Marriot Resort.

BFU dates back from 1990. Although this house needs some renovations, its lends itself to interesting possibilities.

The “Bakval” area is located in the greater Palm Beach urbanization. It borders world famous beach, Palm Beach, and Tierra del Sol Golf Course Community.

BFU is only 2450 feet (745 meters) away from the beach (Palm Beach) and is located conveniently on the on a road that is connected directly to above-mentioned resorts.

This area his vastly becoming the vacation rental capital of the Aruba as the neighborhood is changing and many new units are coming to the market.

Whether you choose this property to renovate, flip or keep it for personal use, it has a lot of potentials.

BFU has 4 generous bedrooms, 3 baths, a sizable patio, front porch, living room, dining room, and kitchen. The house is approximately 1700 square feet (158 square meters).

The asking price is US$ 350,000.

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Disclaimer: This article explains the specifics about material choice, contractors, difficulties, and solutions. However, it is by no means intended as a guide or to-do list, but rather as an indication as to some of the issues you could expect, or to look-out for. It goes without saying that you will have to do your own investigation to reach a satisfactory conclusion of your ventures.

Gated Golf Course Community Gem For Sale


On the outer edges of Aruba, in the hilly areas of the California Lighthouse lies the eclectic gated golf course community of Tierra del Sol. The name of this exclusive development translates to Land of the Sun. This is an aptly appropriate name as both sunrise and sunset are easily observable without obstruction on most parts of this land.

In the early 1990s, the island government offered a big piece of land to a developer to erect a gated golf community. The original plan included an 18 hole golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones II, and all amenities to be expected from a modern golf course such as club house, restaurant, shops among others.

Fast forward to the present and there is a veteran development that has been in operation for over two decades. Tierra del Sol has imposed its presence in this area and has become a historical fixture of Westpunt (Westpoint), as this urbanization is also known as.


Villas and houses have a very specific architecture which could be characterized as a contemporary tropical style, with light, unobtrusive colors and commonly found orange roof tiles.

The structural design and construction majority of the houses, which stem from the 1990s for the most part, all show a distinctive characteristic, namely a liberally under usage of space.

Case in point, most houses were built with a stand-alone garage. A rather spacious room, that offers enough space and is structurally sound to convert into a relatively large bed and bathroom.

Another beneficial aspect of this particular layout is the space between said garage and main house. This space could be easily converted into another room, which in most cases happened as well.

Tierra del Sol Luxury House Specs

Today we are excited to bring to you: Tierra del Sol Luxury House (TSLH). This house is located in the outer edges of Tierra del Sol, where it’s even quieter than the rest of the community.

TSLH particularly has a tropical architectural design, with high ceiling and orange roof tiles outside. It features a pool with view to nature and to the golf pitch, and yet it vegetation offers plenty of privacy.

This property has 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths and comes completely furnished. The size of the house is 1991 square feet (185 square meters) and the land size of the plot is 6437 square feet (598 square meters).

The asking price is US$ 795,000.

Below you find a visual tour and further below a contact form.

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For Sale: Palmaruba Condo in Palm Beach Aruba [Video]

Palmaruba Luxury Condo

PALMARUBA Condos or Palmaruba Luxury Condo [PLC] is located on the main road of the urbanization of Palm Beach Aruba, not to be confused with the beach itself where all the major hotels are located. This small scale development consists of a total of 76 units.


The distance between PLC and world famous Palm Beach is about  ¾ miles (1.3 kilometers). The short distance between the hotel area and PLC is important as this world-renowned area is filled with restaurants, nightlife, shopping centers. Additionally, you will find to the south of PLC banks, supermarkets, pharmacies, a police station and a church.


Common Areas

The general amenities are hotel-like, this way ensuring that whether you are seeking to purchase this unit for personal use or for vacation rental, you are catered to either way.

Palmaruba Condo amenities and common areas include a tennis court, basketball court, leisure court, game room, gym, barbecue area, storage, ice machine, security house, swimming pool, vestibule, administration office, four elevators, parking area and solar panel. Lastly, the top floor has features wide balconies that are used as breakfast zones.


Today’s unit is an apartment which has an open concept floor plan, including a private terrace.

The material used in this apartment are high-end. The floors are marble, the doors and fixtures are Italian, bathrooms vanity are USA-made, ceiling, and illumination from Hunter, windows, and doors with isolation, individual storage, and parking space. The kitchen hardware is high-end and the appliances modern and energy efficient.

The asking price is $550,000.=.

Below you find a gallery and contact form.


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