Battle of Aruba Houses: $300K Edition #1

Welcome to the Battle of Aruba Houses. This series is one of a kind in Aruba, where the properties go head-to-head and showcase their best features. The only similarity is that both properties have similar prices.

The intention is to allow for some side-by-side comparisons and highlight each property’s specific characteristics.

CharacteristicsEagle Beach Condominium LivingPonton Two Storey House
TypeCondominium unitFree standing house
Build up size1399 sq. ft. (130 sq. mt.)2799 sq. ft. (260 sq. mt.)
Land typeShared, long lease landPrivate property land
Land sizeN/A7965 sq. ft. (740 sq. mt.)
PoolCondo poolNo (sufficient space to build one)
Best application (living not included)Vacation rentalLong term rental
LocationEagle Beach, beach areaPonton, suburb outside capital

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Gallery #1: Eagle Beach Condominium Living

Gallery #2: Ponton Two Storey House


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