New: Bay Harbour Aruba Available For Sale


Bay Harbour Aruba was recently announced by experienced developers who have an extensive track record of Aruba condo development. The building was first built in the late 90s but development never really took off. After standing for many years unused, current developers acquire the property in 2016 and have now unveiled plans for the area.

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Aruba Boutique Hotel Shares Available

On this platform, we focus mostly to the small or private investor, who has a budget of up to $50 million. Most content here will focus up to this price range. In case you are wondering whether there are Aruba hotels for sale, the answer is an unequivocal yes. Some caveats are in place, however.

By far most private investors, whether direct or through advisors, who are seeking information about Caribbean hotel investments or more specifically Aruba hotel investments will start with a Google search, as they should.

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Rare Aruba Beachfront House For Sale

Beachfront properties in Aruba are far and few between. Aruba is only 69 square miles (179 km²) and by our own account, this island has roughly about 7 miles (12 kilometers) of beach strip on the tranquil Caribbean Sea on the western and southern side.

When taken the above into consideration you can deduce that finding a property on the beach is extremely difficult, as choices are not in abundance.

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Sunset Sunset Sunset – Luxury Condo near Eagle Beach

Today’s property is so good we named it thrice! It is located only two blocks away from the world famous and critically acclaimed Eagle Beach. This alone makes condo development Sunset Residence an enticing option.

Sunset Residence project itself is small scale project with only 18 units total, which means that it is an exclusive development. The location and exclusivity make this option incredibly appealing for anyone seeking a luxury condo near the beach, or that is interested in buying a condo to rent out. Continue reading “Sunset Sunset Sunset – Luxury Condo near Eagle Beach”

L-House On Big Aruba Private Land

Despite the rather strange title of this post, today’s property is certainly a compelling one. The location is unique, the type of land is exclusive, the size is rather large and the possibilities are endless.

Unique Selling Proposition

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Two Storey House For Sale in Affluent Aruba Neighborhood

Today’s two-floor house is located in Ponton, which lies just outside Aruba’s capital Oranjestad. This urbanization is relatively quiet and hosts many large houses. In fact, the neighbors to the south and front are remarkable houses in their own right.

Ponton is Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and French for Pontoon, also known as a floating wooden bridge or barge. The name is rather remarkable as the urbanization of Ponton here in Aruba has no water to have a pontoon. Perhaps it references a world-famous pontoon bridge in our neighboring island, which Aruba used to be a part of? I’m not certain. Continue reading “Two Storey House For Sale in Affluent Aruba Neighborhood”