Condos in Eagle Beach Aruba (Updated)

Allow Realty Aruba guide you through the web of condominium development and announcement in the local Aruba market. Since 2008 there has been a lot of movements in construction, and a lot of missteps as well.

Below we share the most factual and intricate information possible. Give us your feedback as well, especially if you have experience with buying or interacting with below-mentioned condo projects.


In the late 2000 condo development in Aruba stated taking off. Today, new developments are ongoing, but not nearly as fast as it was a few years ago. Condo developments continue throughout Aruba, most notably near at Eagle Beach and Palm Beach.

As one of the first main, Oceania Residences has been receiving most of the attention due to it being the first and biggest condo project at the time to completely finish construction. If you are considering buying a condo have a look at the wide range of options currently available. It is noteworthy that there are a few gems you should consider if you are in the market for a unit.

A complete list of condos at Eagle Beach from north to south

  1. Blue Residence Club – The project consists of 3 phases (towers). Phases 1 and 2 are long complete, and at the time of writing the last tower is under construction. Adjacent to Blue Residence is another project from the same developer named Azure Aruba.
  2. Oasis Luxury Condo – Relatively small condominium complex in Eagle Beach area, that was completed at the end of 2011. All units were sold and now are only available for resale only and prices start around $750,000.
  3. Oceania Condo –  One of the first to hit the market in late 2000. It consists of 6 buildings of maximum 5 floors. It features a lush landscaping and amazing views. Condos available for resale only, prices starting around $800,000.
  4. The Sands – This was a problematic project as it never came to fruition. Currently, there is no construction effort visible. What is new, however, word on the street is that the development has been acquired but at the time of writing there is no visible progress.
  5. Pearl Condominium – Small 2-story condominium complex almost completed. The first floor is completely sold out, with only second-floor units available. Pearl is the most affordable new condo complex available in Eagle Beach. A one-bedroom start shy of $200,000.
  6. Aruba Breeze – Small condominium located near Eagle Beach. Popular development for vacation rental income, with positive online reviews. Units are available for resale and start around $350,000. Currently, we are offering 1 unit here.
  7. Jardines del Mar – Condos available for resale.
  8. Sunset Residence – Small condo project near Eagle Beach. Arguably, this condo has the best equipped surrounding area with a nearby hospital (and all related activities such as pharmacy, medical specialists), Olympic swimming pool, grocery stores, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, shops and even a pet hospital. Condos available for resale only and start at around $450,000. Currently, we are offering 1 unit here.
  9. O Condominium – A 5-story, 40 unit condo complex that is announced and presale ongoing.
  10. Divi Residences – This development is owned by a relatively large developer that also has hotels, restaurants, shops and 9 hole golf course.  Condos available for sale from developer and resale from owners.

Note 1: Please note that prices mentioned above are applicable at the time of writing. If you read this in the future, please contact us for updated pricing.
Note 2: New developments are announced frequently, but sometimes don’t come to fruition. Expect updates whenever something changes on the ground.

What’s good?

  • Best detail, finish, and material: varies by age of condo, varies by Home Owners Association policy, varies by maintenance done by owners.
  • Best location in relation to Eagle Beach: Oceania Condo.
  • Best ambiance and privacy; lowest noise: Aruba Breeze Condominium.
  • Overall staying experience:  varies by visitors preferences.
  • Most complete facilities: Divi Residences & Divi Links.
  • Best neighborhood: Sunset Residences
  • Best price in class: Aruba Breeze (see higher)


About a decade has gone by since the first condos rose at Eagle Beach, some conclusions can be drawn.

Pre-construction pricing

Is pre-construction offers and pricing, the right course of action when considering buying in Aruba?

It’s a tough call, honestly. It is a mixed bag in terms of the announcements of the projects and the delivery of said projects. Across the board, Aruba is notorious for its construction delays, admittedly, for the most part, due to red tape. It is not always red tape, as some developers calculate the times too optimistically and certainly underestimate the grind with the permits.

Some developers on the other side, are too much of optimists and start developing without having the financing 100% closed, making it a risky undertaking for them, and for potential buyers. It can be argued that the discounts received from pre-construction prices could be better invested elsewhere, rather than have it locked for years in a pre-construction purchase.

Material Choice and Quality

Lastly, how does the choice of material and quality of workmanship applied by the developer be of consequence in your decision-making process? It certainly is important, not only the longevity and your own comfort is important in this, also the future potential resale the unit is important.

In this, the condos differentiate substantially from one another that this fact should be taken into consideration, at least for local standards.

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By Gabriel

Founder of Realty Aruba, and real estate professional since 2008.