Condos in Eagle Beach Aruba (Updated)

Allow Realty Aruba guide you through the web of condominium development and announcement in the local Aruba market. Since 2008 there has been a lot of movements in construction, and a lot of missteps as well.

Below we share the most factual and intricate information possible. Give us your feedback as well, especially if you have experience with buying or interacting with below-mentioned condo projects.

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Aruba Eagle Beach Condominium Living Special

Small condo developments are definitely the way to go in Aruba. The tranquility at this condo is top notch due to its small scale and location.

Today’s development, Eagle Beach Condominium Living (EBCL) [note: EBCL name is given by us, this is not the actual condo’s name), only has 25 duplex units in total, making sure that in case you purchase this unit for vacation rental purposes, the direct competition from within the building shouldn’t be that strong.

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Caribbean Trade via Aruba

It is little known that Aruba offers some compelling reasons to tackle international investments, through the Caribbean and South America.

Having said that, there is are several pitfalls in terms that investors need to look out for and we are going to share them with you.

Realty Aruba is planning to launch a series that will tackle this subject matter as best as possible.

Expect analysis, commentary, factual information and other relevant information.

Luxury Caribbean City Apartments in Aruba For Sale


New construction developments are constantly announced in Aruba. Most developers would like to hit the ground running by showing the world what is coming from their hand.

As much as we would like to share all the condo announcement, out of experience we know that a lot can change before the construction even starts. In fact, many constructions don’t even come to fruition due to lack of funding or for technical or legal reasons such as permits and licenses.

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Airbnb House Near Aruba Hotels Ready For Transformation


Recently Airbnb announced that is has become world’s largest supplier of beds to travellers around the world. At press time, Airbnb proudly shared a sheet that shows that they now offer around 4 million listings worldwide and it seems that it only is going to keep growing.

Airbnb in Aruba is no difference. At press time there are over 300 homes being offered on that platform in Aruba currently and this amount is expected to only grow going forward. Continue reading “Airbnb House Near Aruba Hotels Ready For Transformation”

Quaint Aruba House Near Hotels

Today’s property is dubbed Villapark Sabana Liber (VPSL) by us and is located in the most popular district for foreigners to purchase a property in Aruba. The district of Noord is sought-after by most foreign investors because it is located near main beaches and major supermarkets, restaurants and hotels.

One characteristic that certainly will please some is the fact that the small urbanization of Sabana Liber, where VPSL is located, offers an optimum level of privacy and quietness, without being remote. Continue reading “Quaint Aruba House Near Hotels”

New: Bay Harbour Aruba Available For Sale


Bay Harbour Aruba was recently announced by experienced developers who have an extensive track record of Aruba condo development. The building was first built in the late 90s but development never really took off. After standing for many years unused, current developers acquire the property in 2016 and have now unveiled plans for the area.

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Aruba Boutique Hotel Shares Available

On this platform, we focus mostly to the small or private investor, who has a budget of up to $50 million. Most content here will focus up to this price range. In case you are wondering whether there are Aruba hotels for sale, the answer is an unequivocal yes. Some caveats are in place, however.

By far most private investors, whether direct or through advisors, who are seeking information about Caribbean hotel investments or more specifically Aruba hotel investments will start with a Google search, as they should.

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