New Year 2020, New Opportunities

Ocean Z Sunset
Ocean Z Sunset

As the year 2019 draws to a close there are several things to look forward to in the Real Estate investment world in Aruba.

Tourism continues to be on a steady path forward. The growth continues and this island’s main marked, New York, shows steady growth.

Major projects are also under construction and new announcements of new condo developments are expected.

The further transition of vacation rental units into the mainstream should continue. The legitimation of these ‘Airbnb‘ as a serious alternative to the conventional hotels will continue in Aruba.

Local tax and tourism officials reportedly have come to an understanding with Airbnb to automatically collect taxes. This should ensure that the properties listed can function legally.

Macro economically there are two major announcements to look for in 2020. The ongoing construction of Embassy Suites near Palm Beach and the announced construction of St. Regis Palm Beach, Aruba.

Happy New Year

By Gabriel

Founder of Realty Aruba, and real estate professional since 2008.