Acqua Condominiums Transitions From Ugly Duckling To A Palm Beach Marvel

Acqua Condominiums is a project that has been under development for way longer than they should have, due to numerous issues, mostly financing issues. Not anymore.

Since a few years the development has been purchased by a new developer and this developer has completely done a 180 degrees in concept. Not only is the new developer 100% financed, the other two main differences with previous development plans are that now the development contains less units and has a more modern-Caribbean design feature and luxury, more akin to a boutique condominium.

Current developer is unleashed his creative, futuristic and functional design language without precedent in Aruba. Indubitably this will entice and satisfy the most critical tastes located on a very scarce piece of Aruba Palm Beach real estate.

Acqua Condominiums Aruba offers a magnificent structure, filled with geometric shapes and elegance. The Clubhouse follows a philosophy, of which the shapes need to be aesthetic and follow function, not the other way around.

An important aspect of The Clubhouse are it “floating stairs”, which are an engineering marvel without precedent in Aruba. Each piece of the step has been picked to feature class and unison.

The development of Acqua maintains an eye on the behavior of natural light and how this might impact direct and indirect sunlight within their design language on both the interior and exterior. The goal is to combine the usage of natural light and create a natural and diverse Caribbean sensation for the future owner.

Acqua is being designed by people who are seeking that new arquitectectonial design language for Aruba. This option represents living around innovation of modern and functional design, furthermore incorporating sustainability, energetic efficiency, including hyper efficient air conditioning units, LED illumination throughout, movement sensors for owners and water efficient faucets to mention a few. Acqua Condominiums will be the first development of its kind on our island that will receive the LEED certification.

Below a visual tour of the construction as it is currently stands at this date. Soon we will receive a tour around the premises, which we will certainly share with you.

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