Airbnb House Near Aruba Hotels Ready For Transformation


Recently Airbnb announced that is has become world’s largest supplier of beds to travellers around the world. At press time, Airbnb proudly shared a sheet that shows that they now offer around 4 million listings worldwide and it seems that it only is going to keep growing.

Airbnb in Aruba is no difference. At press time there are over 300 homes being offered on that platform in Aruba currently and this amount is expected to only grow going forward.


Today’s house is located in the area of Palm Beach. The urbanization is called Bakval and is located only a few blocks away from world-famous Palm Beach and ritzy resorts, casinos, and restaurants.

Most of this area is inhabited by foreigners or people who own a vacation rental property or an Airbnb.

Bakval Villa Characteristic

Today’s house is dubbed Bakval Villa by us, is owned by the same individual for the last 20 years. The owners of the house only use it for as a vacation home. When family members arrive in Aruba, they stayed at Bakval Villa.

This house has colourful walls and an overall design that is reminiscent of the 1990s. Bakval Villa is a clean house that will need treatment to bring to into this era and beyond.

Specifications and Price

The house is built on long lease land of about 7266 square feet (675 square meters). The size of the house is about 2239 square feet (208 square meters). On the west and south side of the house, there is a big, roofed patio of about 1539 square feet (143 square meters). The total roof area of the house is about 3778 square feet (351 square meters).

The house has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, kitchen and dining room, and living room. Additionally, there is a utility room in the backyard.

The asking price is US$ 350,000.


The reason why transforming Bakval Villa into an Airbnb is simply that the location lends itself to this. The area has other houses that do the same thing and the neighbour to the right has a small vacation rental business going there.

If you choose to make a vacation rental out of this house, there will be some things that will need improving, which means that some contractor work will have to be done here. It is recommended to build a pool, what most travellers have come to expect.

Visual Tour and Contact Form

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