Aruba Boutique Hotel Shares Available

On this platform, we focus mostly to the small or private investor, who has a budget of up to $50 million. Most content here will focus up to this price range. In case you are wondering whether there are Aruba hotels for sale, the answer is an unequivocal yes. Some caveats are in place, however.

By far most private investors, whether direct or through advisors, who are seeking information about Caribbean hotel investments or more specifically Aruba hotel investments will start with a Google search, as they should.

Quickly most will be disappointed as to how poor the information about this topic is. In this article, we will shed some light on the whole topic.

Aruba Beachfront Land Purchase for Hotel Development

The most developed areas in Aruba are on the western and southern sides of the island. Most visitors and inhabitants are located in these areas, while the north, northeastern coasts are completely remote and undeveloped.

In Aruba, there are only about 7 miles (12 kilometers) of proper beach strip available, where there are hotels or houses. This is according to our own calculations. Practically all of these miles of beachfront are all developed.

Beachfront land purchase for hotel development in Aruba is all but impossible. Not only is the land going to be a problem, also a permit to run a hotel is going to be an issue.

How about San Nicolas

At the opposite side of Aruba, it’s second biggest town, San Nicolas, there were talks of building a new hotel. San Nicolas used to be Aruba’s industry town, but since the industries shut down in the 80s it never recuperated and remained mostly underdeveloped.

Last few years there were some talks about allowing a new hotel to be built right in front of Baby Beach, but this idea was regarded as too controversial. Not only is there a big refinery in on the skyline of San Nicolas, the island community doesn’t really want a new hotel to be built there.

Aruba Beachfront Hotels For Sale

What are really your options as a small or private investor? The option is doing lots of research, but not on the internet. Most properties that are for sale are only known by insiders such as us.

The reason for secrecy is for strategic reasons. Owners don’t really want the competition to know about future plans, even a sale. Additionally, hotel management doesn’t want to bring unnecessary unrest within the staff.

By far the easiest and quickest way to enter into the Aruba hotel business is the acquisition of shares of current operating hotel companies.

There are no restrictions for foreign nationals or companies to own shares of local hotels.

Hotel For Sale

Today’s property for sale is a luxury boutique hotel located on the western strip, near the California Lighthouse and the golf course. It has 13 luxury suites, pool, bar, and kitchen.

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