Last Pre-Construction Eagle Beach Condo Left – Under priced

It is not uncommon to see announcements of new condominium developments in Aruba. The last decade the market has been bombarded with the presentation of new condo opportunities. According to the presentation these condos are going to be greatest units to come to the market yet. Most of these condos have the nicest presentation, however, the price, in most cases needs further scrutiny.

The brand new condo presentations mostly arise near either the coveted and scarce land of Eagle Beach and Palm Beach. These are the most sought-after pieces of real estate in Aruba, or the Caribbean for that matter.

Raw construction at Arena

Today’s announcement is a bit different however. This project has not taken the conventional route as described above, rather they started in stealth-mode. The development is currently under construction and is located on a sandwiched piece of land La Cabana Beach Resort, Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort and Superfood Plaza, one of Aruba’s biggest grocery stores, in the Eagle Beach area.

The location, specifications and pricing are so attractive that from the 25 units, there is only 1 left. Following some details.


  1. Price

    USD $295,000,–

  2. Size

    823.44 sq feet (76.50 m²)

  3. Monthly maintenance fee (HOA)

    USD $248.63

  4. Setup

    2 bedroom & 2 bathrooms
    Living room, kitchen and balcony

  5. Amenities included in price

    Ceiling Fan
    Completed bathroom
    Water heater
    Inverter A/C
    Electric Stove
    Full Kitchen

  6. How to reserve

    A 15% deposit is required. The deposit is with the notary public.

The attractiveness appealing of this particular development, aside from its beach location, is the amenities that are nearby. It is accessible from the main road, adjacent to two resorts that offer restaurants, fitness and beach facilities. In extended area there is a gasoline station, beach tennis facility, hospital, and restaurants upon restaurants upon restaurants of all budgets. The cherry on top of the cake is that across the street Aruba’s biggest grocery store Super Food Plaza is located. Additional to the groceries it has a bank, eyeglasses store, pharmacy, toy store, liquor store among others.

Concluding, this place is certainly a must have and it’s no wonder that is virtually sold out. In case you would need more information please fill below form.

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