Luxury Caribbean City Apartments in Aruba For Sale


New construction developments are constantly announced in Aruba. Most developers would like to hit the ground running by showing the world what is coming from their hand.

As much as we would like to share all the condo announcement, out of experience we know that a lot can change before the construction even starts. In fact, many constructions don’t even come to fruition due to lack of funding or for technical or legal reasons such as permits and licenses.

Luxury Caribbean City Apartments

Today’s project is actually is nothing like described above. In fact, this developer is so serious and properly that they asked the Department of Public works, to allow them to enhance and beautify the public space adjacent to their new building, which they were granted permission and already delivered to the public.

This project is dubbed Luxury Caribbean City Apartments or LCCA by us. The company behind it is the same that developed neighboring high-end Coral Pyramid.

This new development is – Coral Shell – is all but certain. This seafront high-end property is another jewel at the hands of this developer, but only bigger and better.

The project has more units and a bit bigger in comparison with neighboring development, and yet still is a relatively small-scale project. It will have the same lavish luxury and modern smart features just like Coral Pyramid offered.


The building is located on the main road Airport – Oranjestad – Hotels, which is a highly sought after location. Other benefits of that area are also the renewal of public spaces and beautification of the roads and sidewalks.

A price indication per square feet at the time of writing is US$ 557 per square feet (US$ 6,000 per square meters).

Currently, the construction effort is about halfway through and it is expected to be delivered in 2019.

Below some plans, promotional video, and pictures of the current construction status.

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