Two Storey House For Sale in Affluent Aruba Neighborhood

Today’s two-floor house is located in Ponton, which lies just outside Aruba’s capital Oranjestad. This urbanization is relatively quiet and hosts many large houses. In fact, the neighbors to the south and front are remarkable houses in their own right.

Ponton is Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and French for Pontoon, also known as a floating wooden bridge or barge. The name is rather remarkable as the urbanization of Ponton here in Aruba has no water to have a pontoon. Perhaps it references a world-famous pontoon bridge in our neighboring island, which Aruba used to be a part of? I’m not certain.


Ponton House features the main house, a housekeeper’s addition and an extra room with its own separate bathroom with its entrance.

The main house has two floors with the top floor completely taken by the master bedroom suite. Upstairs the master suite has its own bedroom and walk-in closet.

The ground floor is a bedroom, bathroom, storage room, living room, sitting room, kitchen. The house has a roofed parking area, near the laundry space.

It is located in a corner, has a wall around the premises. The roof features the commonly found roof tiles. 


The possibilities for this house are endless. The size, location, and even its shape lend itself for numerous options. Let’s review.

Vacation Rental/ Airbnb

The inventory of Aruban houses that have been made available for vacation rental or AirBnb the last several years is rather impressive. At press time there are only just over 300 properties available and growing.

Aruba has over 8000 hotel rooms and that amount isn’t growing, meanwhile vacation rental is growing. Demand for private vacation rental residence is there.

Long-Term Rental

Currently, there are long-term rental clients living in the house. Ponton is sought-after by locals due to its central location to city center and the hotels. Long-term rental is certainly an attractive business option going forward.

Private House

If you are seeking a house for your private use this property certainly has the chops. The fact that this house was built on private property land as opposed to long lease land adds more “point” to its favor. The yearly land tax (property tax) for this house is US$ 1029,-  (1,800 Aruba florins).


The asking price for this house makes the prospect of turning a profit after a flip interesting. If you put the potential asking price against any comp in the neighborhood the numbers make sense.

Why this house

The one thing that I particularly like most of this house is the flexibility it offers for the next buyer. The possibilities are endless. Below a visual presentation of the house and specs.


  • Lot: private property
  • Lot size: 7,965 sq. ft. (740 m2)
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 3
  • Total construction size: 2,799 sq. ft. (260 m2)
  • Pool: no pool
  • Asking price: US$ 300,000.00

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